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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
185.144.42.x Beirut Arab University(bau) 13,990 kpbs 1,748.8 KB/sec 12,098 kpbs 1,512.3 KB/sec View Report
82.190.243.x Telecom Italia Business 5,954 kpbs 744.3 KB/sec 2,824 kpbs 353.0 KB/sec View Report
79.121.43.x ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd. 531 kpbs 66.4 KB/sec 1,749 kpbs 218.6 KB/sec View Report
212.146.28.x DNA Oyj 7,495 kpbs 936.9 KB/sec 12,143 kpbs 1,517.9 KB/sec View Report
79.121.43.x ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd. 592 kpbs 74.0 KB/sec 1,809 kpbs 226.1 KB/sec View Report
62.100.152.x SAS CTS Computers and Telecommunications Systems 5,251 kpbs 656.4 KB/sec 703 kpbs 87.9 KB/sec View Report
85.203.18.x Falco Networks 1,675 kpbs 209.4 KB/sec 1,160 kpbs 145.0 KB/sec View Report
87.208.250.x Tele2 Nederland 14,384 kpbs 1,798.0 KB/sec 7,307 kpbs 913.4 KB/sec View Report
87.208.250.x Tele2 Nederland 9,864 kpbs 1,233.0 KB/sec 7,270 kpbs 908.8 KB/sec View Report
89.138.31.x 013 NetVision 4,639 kpbs 579.9 KB/sec 1,585 kpbs 198.1 KB/sec View Report
80.214.77.x Bouygues Telecom 7,360 kpbs 920.0 KB/sec 7,675 kpbs 959.4 KB/sec View Report
109.242.82.x Wind Hellas Telecommunications SA 5,424 kpbs 678.0 KB/sec 7,132 kpbs 891.5 KB/sec View Report
79.121.43.x ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd. 238 kpbs 29.8 KB/sec 1,827 kpbs 228.4 KB/sec View Report
90.10.240.x Orange 478 kpbs 59.8 KB/sec 733 kpbs 91.6 KB/sec View Report
77.240.103.x Druzstvo EUROSIGNAL 16,757 kpbs 2,094.6 KB/sec 6,450 kpbs 806.3 KB/sec View Report
77.174.29.x KPN 12,850 kpbs 1,606.3 KB/sec 27,253 kpbs 3,406.6 KB/sec View Report
200.49.131.x Cablevision S.A. 6,110 kpbs 763.8 KB/sec 802 kpbs 100.3 KB/sec View Report
75.135.123.x Charter Communications 18,048 kpbs 2,256.0 KB/sec 5,423 kpbs 677.9 KB/sec View Report
31.10.144.x UPC Schweiz GmbH 3,800 kpbs 475.0 KB/sec 13,517 kpbs 1,689.6 KB/sec View Report
87.100.184.x DNA Oyj 12,391 kpbs 1,548.9 KB/sec 3,884 kpbs 485.5 KB/sec View Report

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