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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
67.189.246.x Comcast Cable 17,932 kpbs 2,241.5 KB/sec 4,572 kpbs 571.5 KB/sec View Report
37.47.7.x Orange Mobile 14,296 kpbs 1,787.0 KB/sec 3,655 kpbs 456.9 KB/sec View Report
90.171.200.x Orange Espana 2,383 kpbs 297.9 KB/sec 4,092 kpbs 511.5 KB/sec View Report
128.79.7.x Bouygues Telecom 9,214 kpbs 1,151.8 KB/sec 4,218 kpbs 527.3 KB/sec View Report
217.154.158.x KCOM Group PLC 10,001 kpbs 1,250.1 KB/sec 7,607 kpbs 950.9 KB/sec View Report
85.76.165.x Elisa Oyj 17,232 kpbs 2,154.0 KB/sec 14,579 kpbs 1,822.4 KB/sec View Report
85.76.165.x Elisa Oyj 16,520 kpbs 2,065.0 KB/sec 15,840 kpbs 1,980.0 KB/sec View Report
194.78.103.x Proximus Skynet 1,657 kpbs 207.1 KB/sec 3,328 kpbs 416.0 KB/sec View Report
88.175.4.x Free SAS 2,777 kpbs 347.1 KB/sec 833 kpbs 104.1 KB/sec View Report
174.22.228.x CenturyLink 14,722 kpbs 1,840.3 KB/sec 4,289 kpbs 536.1 KB/sec View Report
98.250.98.x Comcast Cable 25,875 kpbs 3,234.4 KB/sec 22,216 kpbs 2,777.0 KB/sec View Report
31.10.138.x upc cablecom GmbH 2,613 kpbs 326.6 KB/sec 1,015 kpbs 126.9 KB/sec View Report
212.129.33.x Free SAS 8,417 kpbs 1,052.1 KB/sec 9,069 kpbs 1,133.6 KB/sec View Report
162.247.94.x Cable Axion Digitel 12,898 kpbs 1,612.3 KB/sec 1,970 kpbs 246.3 KB/sec View Report
62.18.240.x Telecom Italia Mobile 2,968 kpbs 371.0 KB/sec 2,763 kpbs 345.4 KB/sec View Report
80.219.101.x upc cablecom GmbH 19,563 kpbs 2,445.4 KB/sec 5,014 kpbs 626.8 KB/sec View Report
123.203.240.x Hong Kong Broadband Network 7,245 kpbs 905.6 KB/sec 15,109 kpbs 1,888.6 KB/sec View Report
188.23.237.x Telekom Austria 4,981 kpbs 622.6 KB/sec 860 kpbs 107.5 KB/sec View Report
115.69.210.x NReach Net (Pvt.) 3,088 kpbs 386.0 KB/sec 2,958 kpbs 369.8 KB/sec View Report
2.249.113.x TeliaSonera AB 20,560 kpbs 2,570.0 KB/sec 7,242 kpbs 905.3 KB/sec View Report

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