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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
73.150.141.x Comcast Cable 30,197 kpbs 3,774.6 KB/sec 9,094 kpbs 1,136.8 KB/sec View Report
81.231.146.x TeliaSonera AB 21,269 kpbs 2,658.6 KB/sec 18,575 kpbs 2,321.9 KB/sec View Report
109.69.164.x Bleta Sh.p.k 1,215 kpbs 151.9 KB/sec 878 kpbs 109.8 KB/sec View Report
89.15.236.x Telefonica Germany 3,092 kpbs 386.5 KB/sec 619 kpbs 77.4 KB/sec View Report
190.188.41.x Cablevision S.A. 2,480 kpbs 310.0 KB/sec 818 kpbs 102.3 KB/sec View Report
95.116.103.x Telefonica Germany 5,944 kpbs 743.0 KB/sec 965 kpbs 120.6 KB/sec View Report
203.62.183.x Zarnex PTY LTD Transit 11,049 kpbs 1,381.1 KB/sec 2,375 kpbs 296.9 KB/sec View Report
174.19.146.x CenturyLink 356 kpbs 44.5 KB/sec 4,637 kpbs 579.6 KB/sec View Report
107.218.146.x AT&T U-verse 1,643 kpbs 205.4 KB/sec 1,895 kpbs 236.9 KB/sec View Report
78.129.7.x VOO 23,276 kpbs 2,909.5 KB/sec 4,606 kpbs 575.8 KB/sec View Report
94.193.125.x Sky Broadband 14,070 kpbs 1,758.8 KB/sec 5,313 kpbs 664.1 KB/sec View Report
74.194.113.x Suddenlink Communications 36,220 kpbs 4,527.5 KB/sec 3,912 kpbs 489.0 KB/sec View Report
83.27.246.x Neostrada Plus 516 kpbs 64.5 KB/sec 829 kpbs 103.6 KB/sec View Report
93.44.109.x Fastweb 12,691 kpbs 1,586.4 KB/sec 5,369 kpbs 671.1 KB/sec View Report
217.88.175.x Deutsche Telekom AG 7,835 kpbs 979.4 KB/sec 4,365 kpbs 545.6 KB/sec View Report
217.88.167.x Deutsche Telekom AG 5,509 kpbs 688.6 KB/sec 3,810 kpbs 476.3 KB/sec View Report
181.46.203.x Telecentro S.A. 709 kpbs 88.6 KB/sec 391 kpbs 48.9 KB/sec View Report
194.150.244.x Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB 1,404 kpbs 175.5 KB/sec 3,847 kpbs 480.9 KB/sec View Report
83.209.168.x AllTele Allmanna Svenska Telefonaktiebolaget 20,243 kpbs 2,530.4 KB/sec 6,177 kpbs 772.1 KB/sec View Report
41.60.36.x Real Time Technologies Alliance - Africa 687 kpbs 85.9 KB/sec 438 kpbs 54.8 KB/sec View Report

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