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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
89.139.130.x 013 NetVision 7,863 kpbs 982.9 KB/sec 2,164 kpbs 270.5 KB/sec View Report
82.216.128.x Numericable 10,203 kpbs 1,275.4 KB/sec 3,989 kpbs 498.6 KB/sec View Report
94.126.173.x Claranet Portugal Telecomunicacoes S.A. 7,509 kpbs 938.6 KB/sec 6,329 kpbs 791.1 KB/sec View Report
94.126.173.x Claranet Portugal Telecomunicacoes S.A. 9,729 kpbs 1,216.1 KB/sec 11,284 kpbs 1,410.5 KB/sec View Report
88.114.26.x Elisa Oyj 5,473 kpbs 684.1 KB/sec 776 kpbs 97.0 KB/sec View Report
77.22.17.x Vodafone Kabel Deutschland 13,152 kpbs 1,644.0 KB/sec 5,387 kpbs 673.4 KB/sec View Report
212.69.3.x Orion Telekom Tim d.o.o.Beograd 1,094 kpbs 136.8 KB/sec 779 kpbs 97.4 KB/sec View Report
80.138.84.x Deutsche Telekom AG 1,191 kpbs 148.9 KB/sec 213 kpbs 26.6 KB/sec View Report
62.156.187.x Deutsche Telekom AG 2,707 kpbs 338.4 KB/sec 940 kpbs 117.5 KB/sec View Report
79.249.2.x Deutsche Telekom AG 7,776 kpbs 972.0 KB/sec 991 kpbs 123.9 KB/sec View Report
178.172.150.x Mobile Service Ltd. 1,812 kpbs 226.5 KB/sec 17,162 kpbs 2,145.3 KB/sec View Report
137.119.150.x Neonova Network Services 603 kpbs 75.4 KB/sec 1,616 kpbs 202.0 KB/sec View Report
85.76.111.x Elisa Oyj 15,409 kpbs 1,926.1 KB/sec 14,156 kpbs 1,769.5 KB/sec View Report
62.100.152.x SAS CTS Computers and Telecommunications Systems 2,188 kpbs 273.5 KB/sec 599 kpbs 74.9 KB/sec View Report
174.56.29.x Comcast Cable 7,286 kpbs 910.8 KB/sec 6,418 kpbs 802.3 KB/sec View Report
115.187.37.x Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. 4,256 kpbs 532.0 KB/sec 2,348 kpbs 293.5 KB/sec View Report
103.248.13.x InterCloud 3,455 kpbs 431.9 KB/sec 3,691 kpbs 461.4 KB/sec View Report
5.212.195.x LTE 8,050 kpbs 1,006.3 KB/sec 7,397 kpbs 924.6 KB/sec View Report
95.84.67.x Mena Broadband Services WLL 2,462 kpbs 307.8 KB/sec 2,559 kpbs 319.9 KB/sec View Report
95.84.67.x Mena Broadband Services WLL 1,923 kpbs 240.4 KB/sec 2,442 kpbs 305.3 KB/sec View Report

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