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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
24.89.37.x Cablelynx 10,208 kpbs 1,276.0 KB/sec 1,906 kpbs 238.3 KB/sec View Report
153.229.4.x Open Computer Network 5,376 kpbs 672.0 KB/sec 1,518 kpbs 189.8 KB/sec View Report
46.17.63.x HighSpeed Office Limited 1,800 kpbs 225.0 KB/sec 530 kpbs 66.3 KB/sec View Report
84.141.230.x Deutsche Telekom AG 9,766 kpbs 1,220.8 KB/sec 3,821 kpbs 477.6 KB/sec View Report
87.202.102.x OTEnet S.A. 4,503 kpbs 562.9 KB/sec 676 kpbs 84.5 KB/sec View Report
84.120.21.x Vodafone Ono 5,977 kpbs 747.1 KB/sec 4,429 kpbs 553.6 KB/sec View Report
60.53.248.x TM Net 3,717 kpbs 464.6 KB/sec 1,132 kpbs 141.5 KB/sec View Report
66.41.175.x Comcast Cable 10,640 kpbs 1,330.0 KB/sec 5,755 kpbs 719.4 KB/sec View Report
99.59.113.x AT&T U-verse 9,462 kpbs 1,182.8 KB/sec 1,867 kpbs 233.4 KB/sec View Report
46.5.119.x Kabel BW 6,973 kpbs 871.6 KB/sec 5,461 kpbs 682.6 KB/sec View Report
87.166.98.x Deutsche Telekom AG 1,782 kpbs 222.8 KB/sec 733 kpbs 91.6 KB/sec View Report
87.166.98.x Deutsche Telekom AG 1,148 kpbs 143.5 KB/sec 792 kpbs 99.0 KB/sec View Report
87.166.98.x Deutsche Telekom AG 1,560 kpbs 195.0 KB/sec 840 kpbs 105.0 KB/sec View Report
193.68.14.x Digital Systems Ltd 1,011 kpbs 126.4 KB/sec 461 kpbs 57.6 KB/sec View Report
58.70.62.x K-Opticom Corporation 1,802 kpbs 225.3 KB/sec 4,745 kpbs 593.1 KB/sec View Report
46.223.90.x Kabel BW 4,917 kpbs 614.6 KB/sec 1,000 kpbs 125.0 KB/sec View Report
185.115.101.x iconnect sarl 3,544 kpbs 443.0 KB/sec 896 kpbs 112.0 KB/sec View Report
200.60.148.x Telefonica del Peru 268 kpbs 33.5 KB/sec 18,445 kpbs 2,305.6 KB/sec View Report
200.60.148.x Telefonica del Peru 13,452 kpbs 1,681.5 KB/sec 12,764 kpbs 1,595.5 KB/sec View Report
200.60.148.x Telefonica del Peru 2,916 kpbs 364.5 KB/sec 18,551 kpbs 2,318.9 KB/sec View Report

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