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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
185.113.99.x Bredband2 AB 10,713 kpbs 1,339.1 KB/sec 5,525 kpbs 690.6 KB/sec View Report
46.55.15.x Moldtelecom SA 13,058 kpbs 1,632.3 KB/sec 17,440 kpbs 2,180.0 KB/sec View Report
78.199.49.x Free SAS 1,128 kpbs 141.0 KB/sec 893 kpbs 111.6 KB/sec View Report
159.203.71.x Digital Ocean 6,917 kpbs 864.6 KB/sec 7,103 kpbs 887.9 KB/sec View Report
78.199.49.x Free SAS 1,138 kpbs 142.3 KB/sec 650 kpbs 81.3 KB/sec View Report
85.76.9.x Elisa Oyj 19,925 kpbs 2,490.6 KB/sec 15,180 kpbs 1,897.5 KB/sec View Report
85.76.9.x Elisa Oyj 17,901 kpbs 2,237.6 KB/sec 8,652 kpbs 1,081.5 KB/sec View Report
94.253.208.x VIPNET 10,509 kpbs 1,313.6 KB/sec 3,140 kpbs 392.5 KB/sec View Report
89.77.6.x UPC Polska 18,348 kpbs 2,293.5 KB/sec 5,460 kpbs 682.5 KB/sec View Report
70.26.43.x Bell Canada 17,631 kpbs 2,203.9 KB/sec 9,920 kpbs 1,240.0 KB/sec View Report
62.240.166.x UPC Ceska Republica 1,937 kpbs 242.1 KB/sec 3,417 kpbs 427.1 KB/sec View Report
103.248.13.x InterCloud 2,475 kpbs 309.4 KB/sec 1,226 kpbs 153.3 KB/sec View Report
188.193.151.x Vodafone Kabel Deutschland 24,687 kpbs 3,085.9 KB/sec 5,611 kpbs 701.4 KB/sec View Report
81.5.104.x Non state educational institution Educational Scie 4,856 kpbs 607.0 KB/sec 6,018 kpbs 752.3 KB/sec View Report
85.26.25.x VOO 11,619 kpbs 1,452.4 KB/sec 5,719 kpbs 714.9 KB/sec View Report
195.58.245.x Private joint-stock company (PrJSC) DORIS 738 kpbs 92.3 KB/sec 1,088 kpbs 136.0 KB/sec View Report
5.56.248.x Kabel BW 10,015 kpbs 1,251.9 KB/sec 1,525 kpbs 190.6 KB/sec View Report
41.77.81.x INFOGENIE Technologies 1,855 kpbs 231.9 KB/sec 1,955 kpbs 244.4 KB/sec View Report
81.5.116.x Non state educational institution Educational Scie 9,960 kpbs 1,245.0 KB/sec 7,947 kpbs 993.4 KB/sec View Report
222.166.76.x HK Cable TV 7,713 kpbs 964.1 KB/sec 1,226 kpbs 153.3 KB/sec View Report

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