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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
189.195.166.x Mega Cable, S.A. de C.V. 10,015 kpbs 1,251.9 KB/sec 1,778 kpbs 222.3 KB/sec View Report
176.197.108.x E-Light-Telecom 5,317 kpbs 664.6 KB/sec 6,574 kpbs 821.8 KB/sec View Report
84.130.171.x Deutsche Telekom AG 3,135 kpbs 391.9 KB/sec 1,204 kpbs 150.5 KB/sec View Report
175.106.9.x PT Quantum Tera Network 4,264 kpbs 533.0 KB/sec 2,828 kpbs 353.5 KB/sec View Report
217.64.43.x Mediam Oy 4,914 kpbs 614.3 KB/sec 9,725 kpbs 1,215.6 KB/sec View Report
23.247.232.x Micfo, LLC. 3,475 kpbs 434.4 KB/sec 2,764 kpbs 345.5 KB/sec View Report
85.76.70.x Elisa Oyj 8,858 kpbs 1,107.3 KB/sec 5,591 kpbs 698.9 KB/sec View Report
217.64.43.x Mediam Oy 5,638 kpbs 704.8 KB/sec 4,279 kpbs 534.9 KB/sec View Report
217.64.43.x Mediam Oy 5,457 kpbs 682.1 KB/sec 4,145 kpbs 518.1 KB/sec View Report
117.205.78.x BSNL 483 kpbs 60.4 KB/sec 412 kpbs 51.5 KB/sec View Report
94.114.196.x UPC Ceska Republica 11,023 kpbs 1,377.9 KB/sec 997 kpbs 124.6 KB/sec View Report
118.97.66.x PT Telkom Indonesia 256 kpbs 32.0 KB/sec 350 kpbs 43.8 KB/sec View Report
67.212.234.x WestHost 20,341 kpbs 2,542.6 KB/sec 11,548 kpbs 1,443.5 KB/sec View Report
176.105.214.x NPK Home-Net Ltd. 1,796 kpbs 224.5 KB/sec 3,060 kpbs 382.5 KB/sec View Report
178.3.232.x Vodafone DSL 710 kpbs 88.8 KB/sec 2,410 kpbs 301.3 KB/sec View Report
85.226.129.x Bredbandsbolaget AB 17,002 kpbs 2,125.3 KB/sec 4,533 kpbs 566.6 KB/sec View Report
8.37.233.x Level 3 Communications 900 kpbs 112.5 KB/sec 719 kpbs 89.9 KB/sec View Report
27.6.138.x Hathway 214 kpbs 26.8 KB/sec 338 kpbs 42.3 KB/sec View Report
93.201.75.x Deutsche Telekom AG 2,701 kpbs 337.6 KB/sec 849 kpbs 106.1 KB/sec View Report
108.171.131.x Scansafe Services LLC 13,375 kpbs 1,671.9 KB/sec 13,107 kpbs 1,638.4 KB/sec View Report

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