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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
80.217.73.x Com Hem AB 22,382 kpbs 2,797.8 KB/sec 4,925 kpbs 615.6 KB/sec View Report
109.99.58.x Telekom Romania Communication S.A 3,039 kpbs 379.9 KB/sec 2,949 kpbs 368.6 KB/sec View Report
82.216.128.x Numericable 9,128 kpbs 1,141.0 KB/sec 2,308 kpbs 288.5 KB/sec View Report
165.138.28.x Indiana Department of Education 24,371 kpbs 3,046.4 KB/sec 30,571 kpbs 3,821.4 KB/sec View Report
190.92.127.x Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, S.A. 1,604 kpbs 200.5 KB/sec 2,144 kpbs 268.0 KB/sec View Report
93.118.102.x Telecommunication Company of Tehran 798 kpbs 99.8 KB/sec 144 kpbs 18.0 KB/sec View Report
103.9.114.x Aamra technologies limited 1,357 kpbs 169.6 KB/sec 906 kpbs 113.3 KB/sec View Report
101.180.28.x Telstra Internet 8,492 kpbs 1,061.5 KB/sec 4,045 kpbs 505.6 KB/sec View Report
85.150.62.x Euronet Communications B.V. 8,974 kpbs 1,121.8 KB/sec 1,260 kpbs 157.5 KB/sec View Report
85.150.62.x Euronet Communications B.V. 6,645 kpbs 830.6 KB/sec 1,081 kpbs 135.1 KB/sec View Report
69.12.94.x QuadraNet 641 kpbs 80.1 KB/sec 689 kpbs 86.1 KB/sec View Report
85.220.128.x MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KG 1,718 kpbs 214.8 KB/sec 1,782 kpbs 222.8 KB/sec View Report
70.26.38.x Bell Canada 10,557 kpbs 1,319.6 KB/sec 7,897 kpbs 987.1 KB/sec View Report
70.26.38.x Bell Canada 2,831 kpbs 353.9 KB/sec 9,916 kpbs 1,239.5 KB/sec View Report
71.211.164.x CenturyLink 890 kpbs 111.3 KB/sec 711 kpbs 88.9 KB/sec View Report
70.26.38.x Bell Canada 423 kpbs 52.9 KB/sec 8,637 kpbs 1,079.6 KB/sec View Report
71.211.144.x CenturyLink 599 kpbs 74.9 KB/sec 386 kpbs 48.3 KB/sec View Report
71.211.144.x CenturyLink 775 kpbs 96.9 KB/sec 387 kpbs 48.4 KB/sec View Report
95.208.38.x Kabel BW 7,754 kpbs 969.3 KB/sec 1,000 kpbs 125.0 KB/sec View Report
151.237.46.x IPACCT Ltd. 2,577 kpbs 322.1 KB/sec 2,246 kpbs 280.8 KB/sec View Report

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