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Latest Speed Test Results

IP Address ISP (Internet Service Provider) Download Speed Download Rate Upload Speed Upload Rate
190.83.255.x Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited. 9,892 kpbs 1,236.5 KB/sec 1,985 kpbs 248.1 KB/sec View Report
93.102.139.x Nos Comunicacoes, S.A. 623 kpbs 77.9 KB/sec 1,898 kpbs 237.3 KB/sec View Report
24.171.207.x Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico 13,066 kpbs 1,633.3 KB/sec 2,472 kpbs 309.0 KB/sec View Report
103.229.80.x Sine-10 (bd) Limited 404 kpbs 50.5 KB/sec 847 kpbs 105.9 KB/sec View Report
94.65.174.x OTEnet S.A. 4,057 kpbs 507.1 KB/sec 823 kpbs 102.9 KB/sec View Report
86.203.172.x Orange 24,078 kpbs 3,009.8 KB/sec 13,676 kpbs 1,709.5 KB/sec View Report
80.110.181.x UPC Austria GmbH 1,274 kpbs 159.3 KB/sec 3,494 kpbs 436.8 KB/sec View Report
105.228.10.x Telkom Internet 2,484 kpbs 310.5 KB/sec 418 kpbs 52.3 KB/sec View Report
95.211.199.x LeaseWeb B.V. 944 kpbs 118.0 KB/sec 828 kpbs 103.5 KB/sec View Report
178.10.49.x Vodafone DSL 4,346 kpbs 543.3 KB/sec 5,452 kpbs 681.5 KB/sec View Report
85.24.218.x Bahnhof Internet AB 11,212 kpbs 1,401.5 KB/sec 3,908 kpbs 488.5 KB/sec View Report
213.204.127.x TerraNet sal 4,147 kpbs 518.4 KB/sec 3,235 kpbs 404.4 KB/sec View Report
213.204.127.x TerraNet sal 4,279 kpbs 534.9 KB/sec 3,305 kpbs 413.1 KB/sec View Report
213.204.127.x TerraNet sal 4,201 kpbs 525.1 KB/sec 3,190 kpbs 398.8 KB/sec View Report
62.178.193.x UPC Austria GmbH 7,975 kpbs 996.9 KB/sec 6,300 kpbs 787.5 KB/sec View Report
95.211.199.x LeaseWeb B.V. 982 kpbs 122.8 KB/sec 779 kpbs 97.4 KB/sec View Report
95.19.14.x Jazz Telecom S.A. 6,587 kpbs 823.4 KB/sec 3,209 kpbs 401.1 KB/sec View Report
178.10.49.x Vodafone DSL 14,286 kpbs 1,785.8 KB/sec 7,086 kpbs 885.8 KB/sec View Report
95.211.199.x LeaseWeb B.V. 977 kpbs 122.1 KB/sec 814 kpbs 101.8 KB/sec View Report
146.60.122.x Vodafone DSL 8,841 kpbs 1,105.1 KB/sec 7,016 kpbs 877.0 KB/sec View Report

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