Ever asked What Is My IP to yourself?

What is my IP Address! Do you ever shout this at the top of your lungs at the same time you have trouble finding what your IP is? Is my IP local or is it NAT translated? I know, too technical right? Instead, let's focus on helping you find what is my IP address instead by showing you some helpful details below that will answer this question for you!

Further below you are going to see some details, and let us explain very quickly what each of those things are before you start your review. The first where it says “IP Address” - well guess what, that is your IP address as seen by the outside world. The next says “Hostname” and this is the host of your IP. After that, you will see the Remote Port, Protocol method, Connection type, and some location data.

The location data includes when available, the Country, Region, and City of your IP address details. Now, what is my ip address? Find out below!

IP Information

IP Address [?] :
Hostname [?] : ec2-54-162-234-109.compute-1.amazonaws.com [>> WhoIs]
Remote Port: 42534
Protocol: HTTP/1.0
Keep Alive:

IP Location

Country of this IP: United States (US) flag
Region of this IP: Virginia [>> IP MAP]
City of this IP: Ashburn [>> IP MAP]
ISP [?]: Amazon
Latitude: 39.0481
Longitude: -77.4728


Proxy Type: None / Highly Anonymous

Your User Agent

Browser: CCBot
Browser Version: 2.0
Browser Major Version: 2
Browser Minor Version: 0
Operating System: unknown
Remote Port: 42534
User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Accepted Types: text/html, application/xhtml+xml, application/xml;q=0.9, */*;q=0.8
Accepted Encodings: x-gzip, gzip, deflate
Accepted Charsets:

When you did, does it leave you scratching your head? Similar questions are "What is my IP address" and "What is my IP" - all very closely related questions to what your IP information actually is. Let's take a look at answering this question and you find out what is my ip address (which can be both internal and external in nature).

The first important issue to breakdown is what an important term in that question is - the focus of the IP address term exactly. As defined by Wikipedia, an IP Address is known as "an Internet Protocol address and is a numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network". To break this down in simpler terms, every device you have connected to a network requires an IP address in order to talk with other devices.

Your mobile phone, your printer, laptop, iPad or Google tablet all require this IP data. Think of it like the phone number of the internet. It is required to send and receive information over the network. No matter if your network is at home, at work, or using a mobile service - the IP address can be found on each of them.

To search for what is my IP - you first need to know what IP you are searching for? First, are you trying to find what the IP is for your computer or for your mobile phone? Maybe it is for your printer because you are trying to setup a new one you just purchased online? This information will demonstrate a few ways you can find your IP, depending on the device you need your address data for.

1. What Is My IP on a Laptop or Desktop computer?

When asking this question, there is a good chance you are simply referring to your external facing IP address (the IP info that the rest of the world sees coming from you). To find "My IP" for this reason, look below and it will show you What is my IP - which is the easy IP to find. You can even use the homepage of IP-Adress.com on an Android tablet or iPad also.

2. What Is My IP on a mobile phone like the iPhone or Android?

Finding what your IP information is on a mobile device can be a little more tricky, but still doable. In order to display what IP information the rest of the world sees from your smartphone, you can download an app from the IP-Adress.com App Store that will show ip address information right on your device. Because not every website is formatted for mobile web visitors, it is best to install an app that correctly formats and displays your IP address data. To find what is my ip on your device, visit our computer apps store.

Depending on what IP details you need, the above steps will help you to determine and answer the question "What Is My IP" quickly. Just follow the guidelines listed above, and IP address discovery can be made much more simpler and easier without spending too much time trying to figure out some of the more confusing aspects of finding your IP!

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