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IP address

An IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a logical address of a network adapter. The IP address is unique and identifies computers and other devices on a network.

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. This basically is the locator for an IP device to find another one and interact with it. You can kind of think of it as a street address for your computer or other kind of network device. Your IP address can be used to identify a specific computer or other network device easily since every number is different.

There is a lot of technical jargon associated with IP addresses but as long as you think of it as your computer's street address, it's much easier to understand. With the enormous size of the Internet, the IP address is very important. It lets other computers know where to send data you are requesting whether it's a

website or any other kind of data you could imagine.

There are various classes of IP address that range from A to D. Class A addresses are mainly for very large networks with a lot of devices hooked up. Class C is for smaller networks that have less than 256 devices total.

There are many different ways available to hide and change your IP address so you can have better security while messing around on the Internet or conducting business. You should use special programs or proxy servers to help your network be more secure or keep your browsing habits out of the eyes of snoopers. It's easy to find out your IP address and even the IP addresses of others. If you are concerned about security, definitely take steps to keep yours obscured.

Many websites and most hackers use IP addresses to monitor your personal business and that your home address and other personal information about you can be retrieved once your IP address is known? IP-Adress.com shows you all of the information that is currently linked to your IP address.

If your IP address isn't hidden, virtually anyone with Internet access can track you directly to your home. Everyone can see this information—including hackers!

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The term IP address has many translated to different countries:

An alternative name for IP address is IP number.