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Reverse IP Lookup

In the network world there is a term called Reverse Lookup, which generally applies to DNS or Domain Name Services. A Reverse Lookup is the determining factor of the DNS resolution for a domain name that is associated on a particular IP Address.

Most all networks use a form of DNS to confirm an IP Address that is tied to a certain domain name. The concept in this manner is referred to as a forwarding DNS resolution, and a Reverse Lookup is simply the opposite methods where a IP Address is keyed to the domain associated with it.

There are several different manners in current use of Reverse Lookup for IPv4 and for IPv6. IPv6 is goring in popularity with the expansion of the Internet, but IPv4 Reverse Lookups are still the most widely used forms of resolution in play currently. IPv4 uses what is known as a classless reverse DNS, and IPv6 uses multiple pointer records because of the new and longer address format.

Many uses can be claimed for a Reverse Lookup including packet header sniffing for network routers and switches, websites that track user interaction, and email providers enhancing SPAM filters. To provide the best available resolution for a Reverse Lookup, you can use our free tool here on IP-Adress.com.