IP Proxy Checker

With our online proxy checker tool, you can check any proxy! Simply enter the proxy you would like to check below. In order for the proxy checking to work correctly, please use the correct proxy format (IP:Port).

Here are the latest working proxies

Proxy Type Country Last Checked highly-anonymous Spain highly-anonymous Chile transparent transparent highly-anonymous Germany transparent highly-anonymous Hong Kong transparent transparent France highly-anonymous United States

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Finding the Newest Working Proxies

If you are looking to hide your IP address with a proxy, we can help! For automatic proxy changes with the fastest and best working proxies, we recommend this software. Using the Hide My IP software will allow a user to conveniently and anonymously surf the web without exposing their IP information. When your IP address is hidden with a proxy, you will not have to worry about other people - perhaps those with dubious intentions, like hackers or scam artists - using your IP address and running it through IP lookup tools to obtain your personal information.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy or proxy server is basically a server that sits between your computer or local network and a larger network or the Internet itself. Some proxies enable an internet user to browse the web in a more private fashion by concealing personal information like IP addresses. Some users can encode url also.

Different Types of Proxies

Transparent Proxy

A transparent proxy announces to the world that it's a proxy but still passes on your information. It provides no privacy improvements. However, it can provide a benefit by caching frequently accessed pages, and many companies also use this type of system for filtering purposes.

Anonymous Proxy

An anonymous proxy offers the caching benefits of a transparent proxy, while hiding your IP address by replacing it with either the proxy's IP or a random address. The downside to this approach is that sites that use address detection to establish unique users (online games, voting, some logins) will not be able to distinguish you from others in your domain. Of course, while this could be a nuisance at times, it could also be a bonus at other times.

Elite Proxy / Highly Anonymous Proxy

A highly anonymous proxy (often known as an elite proxy) makes your system look the same as a non-proxied system (with the proxy server's IP address). This provides the best security; however, all the caveats of an anonymous proxy are still present. In addition, an anonymous proxy's existence can be detected, and the server can suggest workarounds, but there's no way to detect an elite proxy. Again, that may be your goal, which makes an elite proxy the perfect tool for certain purposes.